How to Mount Your Solar Panels
  • 14/04/2024
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Once you've decided to install solar power systems to meet your energy needs, the next big step is to get your solar panels installed exactly how you want them. Whether you choose rooftop or ground-mounted solar systems, some guidelines must be followed to ensure that the system is mounted correctly and effectively. The type of configuration that is best for you is determined by the amount of space that the client has on his ground, roof, wall, or pole. Let us first look at how to install a ground-mounted solar system.

Solar system on the ground

The first step in mounting a solar system on the ground is to lay a solid foundation. It ensures that the solar panels remain firmly in place for a longer period of time. Various methods are used to construct the foundation. Screw piles, Sonotube-piers, and Poured footings are the three most common types of solar panel foundations.

Another method involves creating a platform with landscape tiles. Ballast blocks are used to add enough weight to a structure so that it remains strong and intact indefinitely.


Ground systems are typically medium-sized, with panels ranging from 16 to 64 in number.


Roof mounting

When solar systems are installed on a building's roof, a racking system is used, to which the solar panels are attached. This racking system is attached to the roof of the structure where the solar system will be installed. A concrete block is sometimes used as the anchor that holds the racking system in place. Concrete blocks or ballasts can only be used on flat roofs and with low tilted solar panels. Screws and other types of fasteners are used to firmly attach the racking system to the roof of the building in the case of other roofs that are tilted and angled more.

When planning to use ballast (concrete block) for your roof mount solar panel, consider the building's design and weight capacity. The concrete block will place an undue burden on the roof. Before making any decisions in this regard, the engineer must be consulted. It is critical for the building's longevity and, as a result, the reliability of the solar panel system.


Install on the wall

Solar systems can also be wall-mounted. These are appropriate when there is a large wall space available that also faces the sun. This will increase the effectiveness of the solar system for the client. Even when the sun is at low angles, these solar systems can collect the maximum amount of solar energy. It maximizes energy collection in the winter at higher latitudes. In addition to providing solar energy, the solar panels can be angled with a slight variation of wall mount to provide extra shading to the building's patio or sidewalk.


Mounting on a pole

When only a few solar panels are needed, pole mount can be a good option because it takes up little space on the ground. Solar arrays of smaller size can be mounted on a single pole. The pole in these solar systems must be supported by a solid ground foundation. The pole's strength ensures that the solar panels stay in place even in inclement weather.



Whatever configuration of solar system you choose for yourself, the system's foundation must be strong and reliable. It all depends on the type of foundation and base that is used for the specific configuration of the solar system. A stronger foundation means the solar system will last longer.

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