His Secret Obsession Reviews: How to Get Inside the Mind of Any Man
Why Did James Bauer Write This Book?

So you finally met the man of your dreams.

He’s kind, attractive, and responsible and you both have seemed to hit it off after the first date.

Everything is going well and he’s really into you—until one day he started to change.

The man you’ve been dating has stopped asking you out. He has stopped giving you flowers or any gifts

He also never answers your texts and has been acting distant and weird.

What went wrong? 

That is the whole idea presented in the book “His Secret Obsession”. 

This book claims to know the key that would unlock a man’s heart. It’s the secret that will make men go crazy over a woman.

And once a woman has understood this knowledge, she’ll have no problem making a man fall head over heels for her.

In this his secret obsession review, I’m going to share with you what I learned after reading the book.

If it isn’t obvious yet, the book is created for women who are dealing with relationship issues such as commitment and loyalty.

People who will most likely be interested in this book are the women who wish to win the affection of a certain man or who want their man to commit to them.

This book is a tool to help women learn how to attract and make a guy fall deeply in love with them the right way.

Is His Secret Obsession Book For You?

This book is for women who want a true and lasting relationship.

It’s made for women who are willing to be loved and love their partners back.

This isn’t for women who simply want to date men for a short while and toss them away after using them.

It’s not for serial daters and those who want to get revenge on a man by making him “obsessed” about you then crushing his heart after.

It’s for people who want meaningful relationships based on true love, commitment, honesty, and loyalty — if that sounds like you then this book can help you a lot.

To reiterate…

This book is not for you if…

  • You already have bought into this program
  • Not interested in getting into a SERIOUS relationship at the moment or anytime soon.
  • A lesbian
  • Looking for a cheap/free relationship program (freebiers)
  • Need an overnight success

If you’re none of the above, then keep reading…

What I’ve Learned So Far

The contents speak about a “secret knowledge” that a woman can acquire to attract and make a man commit to her.

This key will unlock a man’s intense love and trigger his passionate emotions for you.

According to the book, it will make a man think that you’re “The One” for him.

By understanding the psychology of men in love, women can be a step ahead of their potential partners.

What I Dislike About This Relationship Course

This is quite difficult for me because I couldn’t precisely pinpoint anything that I disliked about his program, but there are 2 little things I’d like for James to improve upon;

1) Price

Although I find this course to be affordable by many, if you’re on a tight budget it could be on the high side.

But I’ll leave it to you though.

The truth is if you can afford it, then go for it. It’s well worth the price.

You’ll definitely be blown away by the tremendous value this course will bring into your life and relationship.

I believe, however, that in the near future James might hit the price down a little bit especially for those who are tight on budget.

My one cent though.

2) No Hard Copy

I keep calling this course a book but it’s actually only an eBook.

His Secret Obsession is a digital product that is only available online in PDF form. 

I tried searching for a physical version but to my dismay, there was none.

For people who aren’t “techy” and don’t have Kindle or PDF readers, this can be frustrating.

If only the creators made a book version of this product, I’m sure they’d have made more sales.

So the only way to actually have a copy is to print it yourself.

What I Liked About James Bauer’s Book: The Pros

So the following are a few things I liked;

1) The Major Secrets…

His Secret Obsession provides answers to questions that have baffled women since time began:

How do you get a man to see you in a completely different way and want you more?


How can you make your dream guy desire you in a way that is even beyond that initial physical attraction?

“His Secret Obsession” reveals an instinctive inner need that every man has without even knowing it.

This emotional need is far stronger than any sexual urge and, once triggered, creates a love connection that is near to impossible to break.

The secret, according to the author, is something he calls the “Hero Instinct“.

Women who are successful in love know how to bring this instinct to the fore. 

Bauer explains that every man needs to feel irreplaceable—this is what drives him, and he’s drawn to any woman who makes him feel like that.

Many men have this need met outside of relationships by things like sport or work, which is why their female partners can sometimes feel like mere accessories.

Furthermore, a man needs to know that he is constantly rising to meet new challenges and to be considered successful in life.

Bauer explains how this hero instinct has three major drives:

  • The drive to accomplish something meaningful and know that his efforts are appreciated
  • The drive to provide for his family, friends, and loved ones.
  •  The drive to gain respect from his peers.

These three facets of a man’s Hero Instinct mean that he will only really want to be with a woman who can set him free to pursue meaningful success.

She must also be able to share her needs with him, and allow him to be a provider in many different senses of the word.

Most importantly, she must respect him for being willing and able to do both these things.

2) Awaken the Hero…

The author goes into detail to show how any woman can awake the hero instinct in her man, without him even being aware of it.

‘No woman can make a man fall in love with her just by meeting his needs.

She must show him her own needs, so he can feel like he’s earning her love.’

Author James Bauer explains how to ask your man for help and advice.

This allows him to step into the role of provider and problem solver.

It also triggers interactions that are non-threatening to the guy because they aren’t about the relationship.

But before you start thinking that this is all about tricking a man into falling in love with you, Bauer is absolutely clear: this is NOT a form of manipulation.

Most men and women long to experience a lasting, loving relationship; they just need different things from those relationships.

Bauer’s methods do not require you to pretend to be something you’re not.

3) Practical Advice…

Bauer’s revelations promise to help any woman build an attraction between her and her man that goes beyond the physical desires.

His research-based methods include some simple phrases that she can use in conversation or texts. 

The texts contain hidden words that trigger the Hero Instinct in the man of her dreams.

Bauer’s book is full of useful instructions and training on exactly how to incorporate these words into your relationships.

He uses real-life examples of women who’ve had achieved success with his method.

Plus, he teaches interactive techniques that can create a special bond between a woman and her male partner.

His Secret Obsession is split into two main sections that are easy to read and simple to apply.

Part one contains the principles and foundations every woman should understand about a man’s Hero Instinct.

The second part zones in on more specific instructions and detailed examples.

It shows how she can apply the author’s methods in everyday life.

4) Rachel’s Story…

Bauer’s book details the true story of a woman called “Rachel” who unwittingly gave the author the key to the secrets contained in his book.

Rachel’s partner Mike had broken up with her after what she considered to have been a wonderful three-month relationship.

Devastated, Rachel turned to James Bauer. Something about what Rachel said struck a chord with Bauer.

He began to sift through the volumes of notes he’d made from other client sessions, and gradually, he noticed a pattern.

After a period of deliberation, Bauer advised Rachel to send Mike a twelve-word text to bring out the “Hero Instinct” in him.

It worked, and Mike came back to her.

Bauer realized he was onto something and buried himself in more and more research.

The result is His Secret Obsession.

5) Positive Reviews…

Bauer’s masterful relationship guide has caused quite a stir on the web.

Reviewers time and again mention how helpful it’s been to their understanding of how men think and what they need in a relationship.

You can find a ton of them all over the internet including this very one you’re reading.

6) Zero Risk Purchase…

Bauer’s guide comes with secure payment options and is available right now at a special discounted price.

Not only that, but it also comes with a 60-day success guarantee.

If you’re not happy for any reason, you can email and receive your money back.

That’s how confident the author is in his methods.

In fact, so convinced is James Bauer in the success of his methods that he will even allow you to keep the product after receiving your refund, no questions asked.

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