Home Remedies for Body Care in the Winter
  • 18/04/2024
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As we all know winters are here. Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, For the touch of a friendly hand, and for a talk beside the fire


Winter, as we all know, has arrived. Winter is a time for coziness, good food, and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand, and for a conversation by the fire. This is how most of us picture our winter lives: simple but full of memorable moments. Winter light is the poetry of patience, silence, and love. There is a well-known quote about winters that goes, "Winter isn't a season, it's a celebration." In this article, we will discuss winter, the dos and don'ts, and common problems encountered during the winter season.



To begin with, I wish you a gentle winter and that you enjoy every day of this beautiful and lovely season. Many people face very typical problems during the winter, and we sometimes fail to find solutions to all of those problems. Skin, hair, skin, and a variety of other issues can cause problems. So this article is all about some things that are suggested to be done, as well as solutions to many problems that people or individuals, both male and female, are experiencing during this season.

Let's begin with some extremely common issues!!!


Problems encountered frequently during the winter

The issues we'll be discussing are common in people of all ages, male and female, and they all face them at some point. The following are some of the most common problems and their Ayurvedic solutions:


Hair that is dry or rough with dandruff

Rough or dry hair is very common in the winter. The cause is a combination of cold, dry air and a lack of oiling. In general, we use a variety of products, such as chemicals, to keep our hair soft and frizz-free. But, after a while, the things that were supposed to help us turn out to be the enemy. So here are some natural hair care tips to help you avoid dandruff and dryness:

+ Oiling - Oiling is extremely beneficial to your hair and scalp.
+ Avoiding Hot Water Washing - This causes hair to become dry and frizzy. They tangle a lot because of the dryness, and this causes hair loss, especially when combing.
+ After oiling, steaming or going to the spa is extremely beneficial to both the hair and the scalp.


Skin that is parched


No one wants dry skin, whether they are male or female, and it frequently peels off. So, in order to avoid such situations, certain precautions should be taken, particularly during the winter. These specifics are as follows:

1. Nasya
Nasya Essential oils such as almond oil, olive oil, and Roman chamomile. Nasya is a skincare procedure in which two to three drops of any of the essential oils listed above are poured into each nostril while your head is hung down, such as on the edge of a bed or the ridge of a chair.

2. Steaming and massaging
Massage with almond oil or a moisturizing cream is extremely beneficial, especially at night or before going to bed. After moisturizing your skin, you can begin with 5-10 minutes of simple steaming with a streamer. It is extremely beneficial for nourishing your skin, increasing circulation to the area, and improving your complexion.

3. Aloe Vera Gel Application
Applying aloe vera gel at least twice a week yields excellent results and prevents skin peeling due to dryness. If you start taking care of your skin with aloe vera gel, your overall skin health will improve. You can use a natural aloe vera extract, but if that is not available, go for the best on the market.


Lips that are dry or cracked

Lip softness is difficult to maintain because they are the softest part of the lips. So, when we discuss taking care of the face, we must also discuss taking care of the lips. Obviously, no one enjoys cracked, dried lips. So what you can do with your lips is a big question. So here are some pointers:

+ First and foremost, guard against dehydration. The main cause of dry lips on a regular basis is dehydration. So drink plenty of water.
+ Limit your consumption of caffeinated beverages.
+ Keep the extract fibre water ratio constant in your meals.
+ Make an effort not to lick your lips.
+ Apply oil to the navel to nourish the navel and the lips. Simply apply mustard oil to the affected area.
+ Before going to bed, apply glycerine to your lips.


Heels with Cracks

Cracked heels are common in the winter, but they can also be seen in the summer and, in some cases, all year. Taking care of yourself therefore includes taking care of your feet. Now that you've taken care of your feet, here are some fantastic tips for cracked heels:

The advice is self-tested. It consists of applying wax mixed with mustard oil to the heels. If you have a lot of cracked heels, you can do it on a regular basis, but it can also work on alternate days.

The second item is something that must be done on a regular basis and is done in stages.
Soak your feet in lukewarm water for 10-15 minutes after washing them. You can also add essential oils, such as almond oil, or  Epsom salt to the water.
+ After soaking, pat your feet dry.
+ Apply thick moisturizers or oil to your feet once they have dried.
+ Wear socks to seal in the nourishment.
+ And get plenty of rest.
+ The final step is to stop walking around in bare feet. It is harmful to the health of your feet.


Joint Ache

Winter joint pain is caused by aggravated Vata dosha and immobility caused by the cold. The question now is what can be done about it. So, here are some amazing and time-saving tips to help you walk pain-free even in the winter:

A gentle movement throughout the day is extremely beneficial. Stability causes stiffness, which causes pain during movement.

+ Consumption of nourishing food items such as cow's ghee with meals, golden milk at night, and milk with dates before bedtime is extremely nourishing.
+ It is critical to avoid foods such as black lentils, capsicum, and eggplants.
+ Massage is also an excellent way to avoid joint pain in the winter. Massage joints in a circular motion with warm mustard oil mixed with crushed garlic. Massage can be done right before bathing, and warm clothes should be worn afterward to keep you warm.
+ Avoid standing or sitting in cold weather.
+ Consume a certain amount of dry fruits on a regular basis, such as walnuts, peanuts, almonds, and pistachios. Because of the presence of melatonin, pistachios can also help you sleep.
+ Warm clothing is extremely important. Warm clothing can also be fashionable!!
+ Avoid walking on the floor barefoot.

Let's begin with some morning and evening winter care. And believe me, it will absolutely work. Beginning with information about the winter season, or hemant ritu.

Hemant Ritu Facts "The cozy chilly winters" Hemant Ritu Effects on the Body

Because of the agni, or digestive fire, the heat of the body is conserved inside by constriction. This causes an increase in jatharagni, or digestive fire, in the digestive system, so if your digestion is completely healthy, you should eat things with a thick consistency. If heavy food is not consumed, the rasadi dhatus, or body tissues, will be burned away because food in the form of fuel is not available.


Dosha Influence

This season sees an increase in kapha dosha, which causes laziness, pitta pacification, which results in improved digestion, and prakopa of vata dosha, which causes dry skin, hair, cracked lips, joint pain, and other symptoms.

Diet to be Adopted
Every season requires a diet to be followed and avoided. So, in hemant ritu, Ayurveda explains that in the winter, flesh of carnivorous animals living in burrows should be consumed along with sweet, sidhu (a variety of fermented preparation), and honey. In the afternoon, drink milk, sugarcane juice, and eat ghee with jaggery.

In this context, Vagbhata explained that long nights cause a person to feel hungry in the morning. As a result, one must consume foods that are sweet, sour, salty, and unctuous.


Dietary Restrictions

Excessive consumption of black lentils, black gram, eggplants, and capsicum aggravates vata dosha and increases symptoms such as dry skin, joint pain, digestive tract dryness, and many others.

Finally, after going over the facts about hemanta ritu, let's get started on winter care in the morning and evening. So let's get started.

Because of the effect of time, the medicines in hemant ritu have high potency. Because of the ice and mist in the atmosphere, the water is clean, unctuous, and heavy, and the sun's rays are mild. The water and medicines have a sweet vipaka flavor that is unctuous and heavy, and the sun rays are mild because of the ice and mist in the atmosphere. Sweet vipaka, unctuous, cold, and heavy qualities characterize the water and medicines. As a result, kapha accumulates in hemanta ritu.


Winter Care Routine in the Morning

The morning winter care routine is enjoyable, motivating, and even relaxing. Let's break down the routine into steps:

Stop cuddling with your blanket in bed in the morning. That makes you sluggish. Stretch your body a little in bed and keep moving.
+ Drink lukewarm water after brushing your teeth and passing stool. It aids in the removal of accumulated kapha dosha in your digestive tract, improves digestion, and prevents digestive problems.
+ After you've finished this, try to stretch your lazy body by doing some quick yoga or stretching techniques.
+ Taking a bath with warm water helps to keep your body warm and also refreshes you.
After bathing, apply a small amount of oil as a moisturizer and warming catalyst. For the same purpose, you can use almond oil or mustard oil.
+ After bathing, you must wear heavy clothing such as sweaters or anything else that keeps you warm.
+ Wear socks and chappals or slippers as they are essential for maintaining your feet's health.
+ Do not place warm feet on a cold floor, especially if you have awoken early in the morning.
+ Massage your entire body, including your head and scalp, once or twice a week. It nourishes the skin and prevents joint pain, muscle ache, and skin dryness.
+ Breakfast can also include nuts or dried fruits. They also help to keep the body warm. Nuts are energizing and prevent your body from losing energy easily.

In the winter, night care is just as important as morning care.

Night care is difficult because we have exhausted ourselves so much during the day that it is difficult to take care of ourselves at night. But we must try because it is our body that requires attention. So here are some tips you can easily incorporate into your nighttime routine:

+ Starting with your feet, remember to wash them or soak them in water mixed with Epsom salt, pat dry, and apply moisturizer as needed. Remember to change your socks.
Dress warmly and comfortably.
+ Along with the cow's ghee, have something filling for dinner.
+ Drink milk with dates, golden milk, or turmeric milk 30 minutes before going to bed. + This milk can also be flavored with nuts. You can also combine jaggery and ghee to keep your body warm.
+ Now let's talk about your skin. Begin by applying moisturizer, aloe vera gel, or nasya of almond oil, roman chamomile oil, and other ingredients. Following this, one can use steam to help in two ways.
Skin nourishment
+ Clearing the upper respiratory tract of accumulated kapha dosha.

This is the final week of winter care. We sincerely hope that these suggestions help to make your lovely winters even more lovely and beautiful.

Winter greetings!!

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